Flower gathering (花寄せ)

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From beggining of summer to winter solstice, many kinds of flowers bloom in Japan.
We want to enjoy various flowers together, so there will be a flower arrangement in which guests arrange flowers.
There are many vase in the tea room, and guests can choose their favorite vase.

When arranging flowers, do it once and you cannot modify it later.
It’s a fun and tense moment.

Tea ceremony in “social distance age”.

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Enjoy the tea ceremony while keeping “social distance”.
The steam calms my heart and I think of everyday life that is becoming extraordinary.
Even if the virus tries to change the world, there must be something that does not change.

Even if we don’t get close, we can understand.

Snow has fallen again.

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In Tokyo, cherry blossoms have begun to fall.
Nevertheless, it snowed last Sunday.
Even though there was little traffic, people rarely walked.

The flowers in the flower shop in front of Hostel Hana-An seem to be very cold.

It is April from tomorrow.
I will do my best to keep up with the virus.

Full bloom in TOKYO!!

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In Tokyo, cherry blossoms were in full bloom on March 22.
This year too, many place for cherry blossoms are crowded.

In Japan, there is a saying, “Dumpling over flowers.”
In this year, “Cherry blossoms over the virus???”

…… Sorry.

Next year’s cherry blossom viewing will be in Tokyo!!

Cherry blossoms have bloomed.

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In Tokyo, Somei-Yoshino (Typical cherry blossoms) flowered last Saturday.
That day was a cold, snowy day. So we were able to see the collaboration between cherry blossoms and snow!! Snow rarely falls during the cherry blossom season in Tokyo. Anyone who could see cherry blossoms and snow on Saturday is lucky.

Cherry blossoms will bloom more and more from now on. The cherry blossoms in Tokyo are expected to be in full bloom on March 23. Famous spots of cherry blossoms (For example, Ueno Park) are usually full of cherry blossom viewing visitors in the usual year, but this year seems to be able to quietly enjoy cherry blossom viewing.

The story changed, and spring came between the room named “Sakura” (桜) of Hostel Hana-An!!
The Japanese style flower arrangement master has arranged a flower in a vase.
The hostel’s owner is very happy. People who stay and see this flower will be very happy too!!

Planetariums in Katsushika

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Japan has the second most planetariums in the world. There are 2 planetariums in Katsushika.

One is in the Katsushika Ward-run “hometown and astronomy” museum.

There are 2 things about this planetarium.
This museum makes its own content for planetarium.  They do not release content purchased from other locations. And in this planetarium, commentators will always give live commentary.
As a result, the content created by the museum has a reputation for quality.
Konica Minolta’s state-of-the-art machines are also used. Therefore, the starry sky spreading over the dome is also very beautiful.


Another planetarium is inside the temple. The name of the planetarium is “Planetarium-Galaxy”.

The director of this planetarium is a versatile person. His jobs are monks, singers, illusionists, and amateur astronomers.
There is a spaceship model outside the building, but even if it looks like this, it is a temple that has continued since the Edo period. (From A.D. 1600)
It is rare to find a planetarium in a temple, but it has another unique feature.

The machine used here is made by PENTAX.

PENTAX’s planetariums are only found here in Japan. Probably only one in the space!!

Hana-An’s new signboard!!

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A sign has been created in Hostel Hana-An.
I really liked the sign. It’s very coooooool!!

But there is one problem.
This sign is inconspicuous. Really inconspicuous. Especially at night, the signboard melts into the darkness.

I thought about measures.
Yes, let’s make a sign to let you know that there is a sign.
The sign says, “There is a sign ahead. Look at the top right!”

What do you think of this idea?

Look for lanterns until you have a sign that indicates the presence of the sign.


Spring footsteps

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The day before yesterday, Kawazu cherry blossoms (河津桜) bloomed in front of Hostel Hana-An!!
The world is noisy, but spring is steadily approaching.

The cherry blossoms in Tokyo this year are expected to be on March 15th. This seems to be the fastest ever.
By the way, did you know that all the representative cherry trees, Somei-Yoshino (ソメイヨシノ), are clones?

New Hana-An’s wooden deck!!

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The wooden deck of Hana-an is almost ready. I finally managed to change the garden that I wanted to do it since opening. It will soon be completed. What should we do here? Would you like to have a tea ceremony?

Fujizuka(富士塚) – Miniature Mt. Fuji –

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There is the Fujizuka named “Iizuka Fuji(飯塚富士)” about 10 min. by bicycle from Hostel Hana-An. “Iizuka Fuji” is the largest Fujizuka in Katsushika-ku. The height is about 6m.

Old people who worshiped Mt. Fuji built many Fujizuka. Because it was very difficult to climb Mt. Fuji when there were no trains or buses. Even today, there are nearly 100 Fujizuka remaining in Tokyo. In addition to “Iizuka Fuji”, “Kasai Kanamachi Fuji”, “Tateishi Fuji” and so on are remaining in Katsushika-ku.

This Fujizuka was rebuilt several years ago due to the construction of the embankment. Therefore, the shrine standing in front of the Fujizuka is very shiny & beautiful. The shrine building stands directly in front of the Fujizuka. The reason if that Fujizuka itself is a sacred body.

The shrine’s festival is held on July 1 every year. July 1 is the same day as the opening of Mt. Fuji.