Maybe the smallest grocery store in Japan.

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It opens in front of Hanaan only one day a week. It sells completely pesticide-free vegetables. In Japan, where pesticide use is by far the highest in the world, Uncle Mikami, who works hard with the passion of wanting many people to eat pesticide-free vegetables, brings vegetables from the farms and sells them. How about vegetables in your country? Does it taste good? Why don’t you come to Hana-an and talk about vegetables? Uncle Mikami looks forward to talking with you! !

Everyone’s snack, rice cracker.

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In fact, it takes a lot of time to make it.
First, rice is steamed, polished, stretched and dried. Then bake it one by one, apply soy sauce to the finish and it’s done. The taste of rice is packed in a simple texture. The Shimamura Senbei is still baked in the shop. You can see it baked in the morning and you can buy freshly made at noon. Even if it rains, it is close enough to go without getting wet.

Meat Shop “Akitaya”

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While the number of butchers in the town is decreasing due to being driven away by large supermarkets, the butcher Akitaya is still loved by locals. This shop is located in front of Hana-An. The recommendation here is a one coin lunch. It is cheap and delicious. Moreover all of the lunch are handmade by mom here. The 480 yen cutlet sandwich is of course handmade and full of volume. The standard liver cutlet (140 yen), which is recommendable when you want to add stamina, is also cheap and the sauce is great. Of course, there are also Japanese beef (wagyu) because it is a butcher shop. Why don’t you buy wagyu beef here and make and eat sukiyaki in Hana-An’s kitchen? Let’s make them together!

Izakaya Fukagawa Sakaba(居酒屋 深川酒場)

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Truly Japanese traditional and retrospective Izakaya remains in Kanamachi, which reminds us of the Showa era. It is ‘Fukagawa Sakaba’ A bit of courage may be required to enter this Izakaya but once entered, we find many today’s assorted dishes are laid on the clean and spacious counter. We are able to enjoy each of them one by one, they are all a kind of the taste of mother and every thing is delicious which grabs the heart of old guys.. This is the reason why this Japanese style bar lasts for more than 70 years although they don’t get any Michelin’s star. We are able to find there true Japanese local people spirits. Why don’t you enjoy there the taste of mother. The owner of this Izakaya said the foreign people are very welcomed. You may not be able to converse with them but your hearts will be well understood. When you come to HanaAn, let’s go there together.

7 herbs rice porridge on January 7th.

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Today is January 7th.
Japan has a long-standing custom of eating rice porridge on the morning of January 7th. Some Japanese eat rice porridge as a tired gastrointestinal friendly food. Because they ate a lot of treats during the New Year.

This porridge contains 7 spring herbs. The names of herbs are “Seri”, “Nazuna”, “Gogyo”, “Hakobera”, “Hotokenoza”, “Suzuna”, “Suzushiro” in Japanese. There are some herb’s names  that Japanese people are not familiar with, but “Suzuna” is Turnip and “Suzushiro” is Radish.

The Hana-An’s staff who do not usually cook also cook and ate 7 herbs rice porridge on this morning!!

Joya no kane -New Year’s Eve Bell-

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Today is new year’s eve.
“New Year’s Eve Bell” is sounded 108 times. 108 means number of evil passions. In Shibamata Taisyakuten, first bell is sounded at the same time as the new year.

As midnight approaches, the precincts become overcrowded with people for Ninen mairi (two-year shrine visit).
The approach to the temple is usually quiet at night, but it’s bustling only on this day.

I wish you all the best for the new year!

“Sakae-Dori Shopping Street

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Very close and just behind the Keisei Kanamachi station, when sun sets and lights up in the street, night face comes up. This street is crowed with small and good taste drinking bars and restaurants such as edemae sushi, grilled chicken, popular izakaya, one shot drink bar, eel restaurant and traditional Japanese “teishoku = composed with rice, miso soup, main dish together with side dish and pickles, all of these are in one tray”. Many of them have long-years history but some of them were newly opened, From now on, we will visit them one by one in order to explain you how enjoyable they are. Stay tuned!! This street is 10 minutes walk from Hana-an.

“Ningyo-yaki” Doll baked cakes.

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It is very famous and popular baked cake in Japan. The faces of Seven Deities of Good Luck are baked on the surface of cakes. it is very fun to look at faces before eating. When you eat the cake with face of Daikokuten on it, you may become rich as Daikokuten is the god of economic fortune. There are a variety of faces depending on the place you buy. In Kanamachi area, you can buy Ningyo-yaki called Shigemori-no-Ningyo-yuki. The shop is 10 minutes walk from Hana-an.

My favorite Sushi restaurant, “Sushi Yoshi”(すし祥) in Kanamachi.

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From this week, Gourmet series starts and good taste and reasonable price restaurants, Shokudos and eating places will be introduced in this page and all of them are located in Kanamachi area.Let’s start and today’s and first introduction is Sushi restaurant and its name is “Sushi Yoshi (すし祥)” This is sushi restaurant but on top of Sushi, you can enjoy other variety of foods together with lunch and dinner menus. Price is reasonable and very very good taste. If you want to enjoy Japanese local popular foods, Sushi Yoshi is one of the most suitable place, Every day, it is crowded with Kanamachi area people. Very fun and
a lot of laughing!! We call this restaurant in Japanese “Aji Yoshi, ryou Yoshi and nedan Yoshi means Good taste, good volume and reasonable price”

Traditional communication place in Japan… Public bath!!!

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Japanese really love taking a bath, in old days, people went to public bath to communicate and deepen the relationship, which is called the naked relationship. Children learned social rule and manner there. But nowadays, the number of public bath is reducing, we have now only one public bath in Kanamachi area. Every day, people get there and wait before the opening of service, they are really fun of public bath. It is regret that the inside of big bath room can not be shown to you, instead please take a look at the photo of the Edo period which shows the inside bath room for ladies. Have a good and fun imagination!! If you want to enjoy the Japanese public bath, please come and stay in Hana-an, we will guide you!!