Around fifty years ago, Japan was a fertile agricultural country.

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All of these displayed vegetables are produced in Japan,
The vegetables we usually buy in supermarkets are mostly imported from overseas. It is really rare to see this kind of many national vegetables in one place. We pray to God with offering carefully grown vegetables, the ceremony is called Niiname festival which is an ancient festival that celebrates the harvest of Rice and prays for the next year’s fertility. The emperor recommends the new grain to Tenjin and express thanks for the benefits and eat them.

How about enjoying ice cream

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You know、you can enjoy a very famous ice cream in Kanamachi. This ice cream is served in many famous hotels or 1st grade restaurants in Tokyo. This ice cream is made in a factory located very close to Hana-an. Their special items are ice cream and sherbet. Every Saturday, outlet service takes place and you can enjoy a variety of flavor. I bought today vanilla ice cream. Next time, probably sherbet? When you stay in Hana-an, please put this factory tour in your sightseeing agenda. By the way, which flavor do you like?

Bound Ojizo

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Why Ojizo is bound? It is an arrested Ojizo and here is a famous old history.

Once upon a time, a merchant sleeping at the foot of Ojizowas was stolen  his selling product “fabric”. This embarrassed merchant asked a famous magistrate named Ohoka-Echizen to find and arrest the thief. Ohoka-Echizen thought as the Ojizo neglected the mission of looking out the surroundings, the fabric was stolen. So he ordered his subordinate to bind and bring the Ojizo to the administration building. Edokko (old Edo citizen) who had always strong curiosity to every things followed the Ojizo to the Ohoka’s administration building. After all followers entered there wondering why Ohoka-Echize thought Ojizo was responsible for this theft, Ohoka-Echizen ordered to shut the gate and shouted to all Edokko inside the building saying it is not allowed foryou to enter this building without any permission, so you should be punished. He ordered them all to write down their name and address and ordered them to go back to their house and bring back a role of fabric. Then later on, when Edokko were back to the building with a role of fabric, Ohoka-Echizen asked the merchant if he found his fabric between the fabrics Edokko brought back there. The merchant pointed out his fabric, then Ohoka-Echizen searched the holder of this fabric in the original sheet where all Edokko wrote down their name and address, finally he could find the thief.

From this history, people said that when the Ojizo was bound, the stolen goods could be found. This famous bound Ojizo is located in the Nan-Zo-In, which is twenty minutes walk from Hana-An.

Kanamachi Water Plant

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We have a huge water purification plant in Kamanachi and this retrospective triangle hat building is a water-pump-up tower. It pumps up the water from Edogawa river and get flowed to the Kanamachi water purification plant. The purified water is finally delivered to the Tokyo metropolitan residents. This tower is located 1 km east of Hana-An. How about taking a walk and visiting there, it is so fun!!

Let’s enjoy Sado (Japanese tea ceremony)

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This is Japanese traditional tea ceremony which is well-known all over the world. Normally, during the ceremony, people should kneel down and sit on the Tatami but with Ryu Rei Jyoku (立礼卓)manner, people is ok to sit on the chair to enjoy ceremony. Ceremony starts with eating sweet stuff then drink green tea of which taste is bitter. You can enjoy this ceremony at Mrs Sasaki’s house, 15 minutes walk from Hana-An. Of course, purely traditional style of tea ceremony (Sado) can be seen as well.

Big surprise!!

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Long queue in front of Hana-an. People are waiting to purchase the cakes of Wao which is a home-made cake shop. It is really amazing that so many people are looking forward to enjoying its sweet cakes. Next is your turn, ha ha ha!

Jigsaw puzzle

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What a retrospective jigsaw puzzle shop!
You may find rare jigsaw items in this kind of historical shop. You will encounter a lot of interesting and traditional things there e.g. tiger or Mt Fuji etc. Pls come and see it. This shop is 5 minutes walk from Hana-An.

Six statues of Ojizo-san

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Six stone statues of Jizo, the guardian deity, around 10 minutes walk from Hana-an to the direction of Kameari, famous for Kochi-kame/Ryosan. A cat is sleeping calmly in the quiet environment !


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