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Why Ojizo is bound? It is an arrested Ojizo and here is a famous old history.

Once upon a time, a merchant sleeping at the foot of Ojizowas was stolen  his selling product “fabric”. This embarrassed merchant asked a famous magistrate named Ohoka-Echizen to find and arrest the thief. Ohoka-Echizen thought as the Ojizo neglected the mission of looking out the surroundings, the fabric was stolen. So he ordered his subordinate to bind and bring the Ojizo to the administration building. Edokko (old Edo citizen) who had always strong curiosity to every things followed the Ojizo to the Ohoka’s administration building. After all followers entered there wondering why Ohoka-Echize thought Ojizo was responsible for this theft, Ohoka-Echizen ordered to shut the gate and shouted to all Edokko inside the building saying it is not allowed foryou to enter this building without any permission, so you should be punished. He ordered them all to write down their name and address and ordered them to go back to their house and bring back a role of fabric. Then later on, when Edokko were back to the building with a role of fabric, Ohoka-Echizen asked the merchant if he found his fabric between the fabrics Edokko brought back there. The merchant pointed out his fabric, then Ohoka-Echizen searched the holder of this fabric in the original sheet where all Edokko wrote down their name and address, finally he could find the thief.

From this history, people said that when the Ojizo was bound, the stolen goods could be found. This famous bound Ojizo is located in the Nan-Zo-In, which is twenty minutes walk from Hana-An.