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In Tokyo, Somei-Yoshino (Typical cherry blossoms) flowered last Saturday.
That day was a cold, snowy day. So we were able to see the collaboration between cherry blossoms and snow!! Snow rarely falls during the cherry blossom season in Tokyo. Anyone who could see cherry blossoms and snow on Saturday is lucky.

Cherry blossoms will bloom more and more from now on. The cherry blossoms in Tokyo are expected to be in full bloom on March 23. Famous spots of cherry blossoms (For example, Ueno Park) are usually full of cherry blossom viewing visitors in the usual year, but this year seems to be able to quietly enjoy cherry blossom viewing.

The story changed, and spring came between the room named “Sakura” (桜) of Hostel Hana-An!!
The Japanese style flower arrangement master has arranged a flower in a vase.
The hostel’s owner is very happy. People who stay and see this flower will be very happy too!!