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There is the Fujizuka named “Iizuka Fuji(飯塚富士)” about 10 min. by bicycle from Hostel Hana-An. “Iizuka Fuji” is the largest Fujizuka in Katsushika-ku. The height is about 6m.

Old people who worshiped Mt. Fuji built many Fujizuka. Because it was very difficult to climb Mt. Fuji when there were no trains or buses. Even today, there are nearly 100 Fujizuka remaining in Tokyo. In addition to “Iizuka Fuji”, “Kasai Kanamachi Fuji”, “Tateishi Fuji” and so on are remaining in Katsushika-ku.

This Fujizuka was rebuilt several years ago due to the construction of the embankment. Therefore, the shrine standing in front of the Fujizuka is very shiny & beautiful. The shrine building stands directly in front of the Fujizuka. The reason if that Fujizuka itself is a sacred body.

The shrine’s festival is held on July 1 every year. July 1 is the same day as the opening of Mt. Fuji.