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Truly Japanese traditional and retrospective Izakaya remains in Kanamachi, which reminds us of the Showa era. It is ‘Fukagawa Sakaba’ A bit of courage may be required to enter this Izakaya but once entered, we find many today’s assorted dishes are laid on the clean and spacious counter. We are able to enjoy each of them one by one, they are all a kind of the taste of mother and every thing is delicious which grabs the heart of old guys.. This is the reason why this Japanese style bar lasts for more than 70 years although they don’t get any Michelin’s star. We are able to find there true Japanese local people spirits. Why don’t you enjoy there the taste of mother. The owner of this Izakaya said the foreign people are very welcomed. You may not be able to converse with them but your hearts will be well understood. When you come to HanaAn, let’s go there together.