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Japan has the second most planetariums in the world. There are 2 planetariums in Katsushika.

One is in the Katsushika Ward-run “hometown and astronomy” museum.

There are 2 things about this planetarium.
This museum makes its own content for planetarium.  They do not release content purchased from other locations. And in this planetarium, commentators will always give live commentary.
As a result, the content created by the museum has a reputation for quality.
Konica Minolta’s state-of-the-art machines are also used. Therefore, the starry sky spreading over the dome is also very beautiful.


Another planetarium is inside the temple. The name of the planetarium is “Planetarium-Galaxy”.

The director of this planetarium is a versatile person. His jobs are monks, singers, illusionists, and amateur astronomers.
There is a spaceship model outside the building, but even if it looks like this, it is a temple that has continued since the Edo period. (From A.D. 1600)
It is rare to find a planetarium in a temple, but it has another unique feature.

The machine used here is made by PENTAX.

PENTAX’s planetariums are only found here in Japan. Probably only one in the space!!